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For more than 25 years, Judy has turned personal challenges and triumphs into her platform of helping others navigate through financial land mines to financial independence. Judy's love of teaching others how to manage their money so that they succeed in life has evolved into helping children do the same.  This series of books teaches personal and financial responsibility through stories and simple concepts.


Judy is known for her creative audience presentations which combine investment concepts with a variety of every day situations to help take the mystery out of financial management.


Judy is a financial adviser and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER.  She is the recipient of multiple industry awards for her work and has been featured on both local and national radio, television and publications.


She has been honored with the "Woman Of The Year" award from the National Association of Professional Women and is a member of the International Women's Leadership Association.  Judy can also be found in the Worldwide Who's Who directory of executives, professional and entrepreneurs and is a member of the Financial Planning Association.


Judy donates her time to local homeless shelters and the Lilac Tree (education and support for women experiencing divorce).

About the Author

Judy McNiff, CFP

Bonus Tools & Resources

Help engage your children and grandchildren, as you teach them how to manage both their money

 and their lives, through the use of these fun tools and links below.

Young Ethan discovers some very grown up lessons about money.  Through a series of adventures, he learns how to respect money and use it wisely,  Why waiting for rewards is so important, How borrowing can spell trouble and Why helping others is fun and important

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Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility encompasses, among other things, doing household chores, understanding the difference between needs versus wants and understanding delayed gratification.

Tips, Ideas and Suggestions

You may also want to create a chore chart and use jars or envelopes to separate the money into categories like saving, spending and giving.

The Importance of Saving

Sometimes we must save our money before we can buy something we want.

Financial Responsibility

Financial Responsibility encompasses earning, spending and investing money wisely, saving for things we want, understanding the dangers of borrowing and using credit cards, and sharing our money with others who need help.

Core Money Values & Concepts

Each story in the series will teach a variety of core money values and concepts.  They are intended to be another tool for you to help teach children or grandchildren important values about money.

Helping Others

We can make a difference by sharing our money with others who are less fortunate.

Do you sometimes not know where to start when it comes to talking to your kids about money?
How do you teach your children to wait for something they want?
Do your kids act like you are an ATM machine and that you would like them to understand that money doesn’t grow on trees?
Do your children have any idea how you make your money?
Do your kids have specific tasks/chores when it comes to running your household?
Have you taught your kids how to manage/spend their allowance?
Have you helped your kids figure out how to earn extra money?
Do your kids earn their own money or have an allowance?

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